2 juni 2019

European Mennonites 'On the Road'

In the weekend of Ascension 2019, 45 young European Mennonites met in Dopersduin, Schoorl, for the first Menno's Global Youth Assembly. Themed 'On the Road', we inspired each other through talks, excursions, music and prayer.

From 30 May to 2 June, 45 young Mennonites from The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine met in Dopersduin, Schoorl, to connect, inspire each other and learn from each other during the first Menno's Global Youth Assembly.

On Friday, the group took part in different workshops. During Bibliodrama, participants interpreted biblical stories, in Socratic Dialogue the focus was on dialogue without judgments and conviction. Acroyoga gave the participants a chance to trust in the power of working and breating together. During the Sweatshop workshop the clothes industry, from manufactor to buyer, was discussed. Finally, through Biblical Pilgrimage, the visitors took time interpreting the story of Emmaus from their own context.

On Saturday morning the visitors got the chance to focus on different challenges during two inspirational talks. Maurits Groen urged the group to consider the enormous impact of climate change, Krista van Velzen helped participants realise their own potential in working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. Alina Jabbaari explained how religious groups work towards improving interreligious relation. In a session with Aart Bos from Masterpeace, participants were invited to think about the different definitions of freedom and how each and every person has a talent to bring to the table.

That afternoon the groups left for excursions to either Witmarsum, Amsterdam or the dunes of Schoorl. They learned about the history of Mennonites in the Netherlands, the natural challenges and chances in the dunes or visited hidden churches in Amsterdam.

Every day the evenings were concluded in church with moments of reflection, songs of gratitude and contemplations of the book of Jonah in silence and prayer. 

Menno's Global Village started the initiative in hopes that a youth assembly will be organised yearly in between the European and global Mennonite Conferences. Plans are already made for a second edition. Will we see you there?

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